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Page history last edited by Nate 13 years, 4 months ago

This is the Wiki for a D&D 4e game. The game is set on an inhospitable island named Frosthaven in a near-arctic region of the Forgotten Realms universe, specifically the northern edge of the Moonshae Islands.  Three settlements have been built -- one was established deep in the pines by pilgrims/zealots of The Raven Queen, and the large settlement of Croatan had the population vanish mysteriously over night.  The remaining town, Sealwatch, has recently discovered that there are ruins scattered across the island.  Lost treasures, hints of a fallen kingdom, and clues to what happened to the other settlement will help motivate you into the mist-wreathed pines.


To contribute to the TV series feel of the game, when you have a moment, give a thought to who plays your character in the TV show based on this game.  It can be as specific as Megan Fox from Transformers or as generic as "the guy who played one of the three geeks from Buffy...the short one."


I will have the opening credit sequence posted on Sunday, I expect.  I want to finalize a few things, and don't want to reveal anything from this upcoming session yet.  If there is a particular 5 second visualiztion of your character you'd like to see in the opening credit sequence (flipping off the dwarf extortionist, transforming into a seal, chatting up a bar maid -- whether it's happened in game or not -- just to set a non-combat tone for your character), let me know and I'll work it into the credit sequence.

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Nate said

at 7:33 pm on Aug 24, 2008

My "Elevator Pitch" for this game is "Lost meets Beowulf."
I'll be posting Episode titles and number, a brief synopsis, and key figures post game as I think of them. I might even post Episode titles and a teaser hook prior to game.

With the TV show feel I'm looking to create, are there any suggestions for theme song?

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